Reasonable rental prices “all inclusive”

Our aim is to offer reasonably priced, good quality housing to our students. The rental prices include all utilities, for example water, electricity, heating and internet access.  Formularbeginn


What does “energy management” mean?                                        

° systematic analysis of energy consumption

° planning and realization of measures to optimize the use of energy

° all measures are being controlled are developed on a regular basis


° constant improvement of energy efficiency

°reduction of the use of energy and thus lowing costs and environmental pollution

The controlling of energy consumption has been updated and expanded by and by since 2008. The manual controlling, meaning the monthly meter reading of all energy sources (gas, water, electricity, etc.) by the caretakers, has been replaced by an automatic acquisition of data.   

Almost all meters in our student residences and the day care centre have been exchanged since 2012. The data of all digital meter is transferred automatically to our database. The values can be checked at all times this way.

The controlling includes a monthly acquisition and evaluation of the energy consumption for all residences and the day care centre as well as scrutiny of the bills.

Next to the systematic consumption and cost controlling it is possible to find and fix fluctuations, weaknesses or malfunctions quickly.

The energy management is part of the refurbishment and reconstruction process of the residences and the day care centre. Important requirements, wishes and needs are being incorporated from the beginning of the planning phase.  
All residences and the day care centre are up-to-date now.

Not only have the building facades been insulated with modern materials and old windows have been exchanged for new insulation glazing; all heating systems have also been exchanged.

The following systems were installed to utilize renewable energy sources: Im Tiergarten 15 a thermal solar system for water heating; Am Eichenhang 66 a thermal solar system for heating and water heating; Hubertusweg 82/84  a thermal solar system for water heating; Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 11-17 photovoltaic system to generate electricity; Andreas-Schlüter-Straße 30 photovoltaic system to generate electricity.

The use of CHP is another contribution to saving primary energy which is in use for many years at the Studierendenwerk Siegen. It is in use in our residences Glückaufstraße 48-50 and Engsbachstraße 56+58.

Next to new major purchases there is also much potential in low-cost measures to save energy. All energy systems which have been installed in the last years need to be maintained regularly, regulated and settings optimized.

The human factor is as much responsible for the amount of energy used as the technical one. User behaviour factors into energy saving greatly. Students have to be educated and sensitized on a regular basis.

In some residences the student group mission-e takes on this responsibility. They use information material like flyers and posters; utilize tenants’ assemblies and internal competitions to get attention for their cause. It is their aim to reduce power, water and gas consumption in the residences and therefore keep the rent low. 

Supply agreements (electricity and natural gas) for the residences and the day care centre are concluded for a fixed period of time in order to be able to offer energy at the best conditions. This guarantees more stable utility costs for our students.