Stud­i­er­enden­werk Siegen

Your social services!

Our services are focused and designed to suit your situ­ation and needs – …”so you succeed!”.

We offer budget meals, snacks and drinks in our canteens and cafet­erias. You can find the current menu plans here.

Currently we are providing 940 places in our student resid­ences. All util­ities, i.e. gas, water, elec­tri­city, internet access and TV access are included in the rent. Our student resid­ences are located closely to the univer­sity campuses. Our depart­ment “inter­na­tional matter” pays special atten­tion to all inter­na­tional students who live in our residences.

Student Bene­fits
Please talk to the employees of the depart­ment if you are inter­ested in state bene­fits (most foreign students do not qualify!).

Child care
We are taking care of up to 70 chil­dren in our day care centre. In Flexi – a cooper­a­tion of univer­sity and Stud­i­er­enden­werk – we have 12 more places for short term care. Chil­dren of students, employees of Univer­sity and Stud­i­er­enden­werk as well as professors can be cared for by profes­sionals according to demand. Both facil­ities are located in direct prox­imity to Adolf-Reich­­wein campus.


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