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Bettina Bäumer
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Bettina Bäumer
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Thilo Reinsch­midt
Care­taker acco­mod­a­tion Glückauf­straße / Am Eichen­hang / Am Nordstern 
Thilo Reinsch­midt

Glückauf­straße 48 – 54

This resid­ence consists of four houses. It is only a five-minute walk to the univer­sity on the “Hölder­lin­straße” (H) campus. It takes ten minutes to get to the “Adolf-Reich­­wein-Straße” campus (AR). This is where WG life takes place. You have a small flat, and share the fully furnished kitchen and bath­room with fellow students.

The large party room “Glück­spils” is perfect for partying or just meeting up. A welcome change from everyday student life.

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Glückauf Str. 48–54, 57076 Siegen
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  • Places
    218 places in 3 or 4 person flats (15 m² per room), shared kitchen and bath­room, 2 flats are handicap accessible
  • Features
    Fully furnished, land­line and TV access point, internet connec­tion via the univer­sity network, partially with balcony
  • Other facil­ities
    Laundry room, bicycle room
  • Specials
    Party room “Glück­spils”, bbq hut, resid­ence internet admins, resid­ence tutor, parking lot


  • Rent per month including all util­ities for heating, water, elec­tri­city, tele­phone and satel­lite connec­tion, internet and external cleaning of staircases:
    Room: 267,00 € / with balcony: 279,00 €
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