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The Univer­sity Siegen main­tains world­wide part­ner­ships. Student exchange programmes are an integral part of these rela­tion­ships with other univer­sities, for example programmes supported by the European Union (EU) or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Around 160 Univer­sities are connected via the Erasmus+-Programme, the current educa­tional programme of the EU. The Univer­sity of Siegen main­tains part­ner­ships with up to 32 European States.

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The best possible care for inter­na­tional students is ensured by means of the long standing cooper­a­tion with the office of “Inter­na­tional Student Affairs” (ISA) of the Univer­sity of Siegen. Plan­ning and carrying out inform­a­tional events for inter­na­tional students is part of the range of tasks, too.

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