Increase of the social contri­bu­tion as of the summer semester 2023

16. December 2022

In its meeting on 25.11.2022, the Admin­is­trative Board of the Stud­i­er­enden­werk Siegen decided to increase the social contri­bu­tion from € 90.50 to € 120.00 from the summer semester 2023 onwards. The social contri­bu­tion is a component of the students’ semester contri­bu­tion along with the costs for the semester ticket, the solid­arity contri­bu­tion and the AStA contri­bu­tion. The social contri­bu­tion goes to the Stud­i­er­enden­werk and is used, among other things, to subsidise canteen meals. It has remained unchanged at €90.50 per semester since 2012. The Admin­is­trative Board of the Stud­i­er­enden­werk is respons­ible for deciding on changes to the contri­bu­tion regu­la­tions in accord­ance with § 6 (1) No. 2 of the “Stud­i­er­enden­werks­ge­setz” of North Rhine-West­phalia (StWG). The increase in the social contri­bu­tion was decided unan­im­ously by the Admin­is­trative Board (with one absten­tion). It is neces­sary in order to main­tain the quality of student services.

The personnel and material costs of the Stud­i­er­enden­werk have increased signi­fic­antly over the past 10 years. The Stud­i­er­enden­werk has also been massively affected by increases in energy costs, espe­cially in catering produc­tion, and by rising food prices. Infla­tion is expected to remain high in the coming year. In addi­tion, a wage increase is imminent, which will also cause personnel expenses to rise again.

Unfor­tu­nately, the state subsidy that the Stud­i­er­enden­werke in NRW receive annu­ally does not cover these cost increases by a long shot. On the contrary, the recent decision by the federal state to put the calcu­la­tion of the state subsidy for the Stud­i­er­enden­werke in NRW on a new basis from 2023 results in an even signi­fic­antly lower subsidy for the Stud­i­er­enden­werk Siegen than before.

During the Corona period, the rescue package from the federal state of NRW and the possib­ility to take advantage of short-time work helped the Stud­i­er­enden­werk a great deal finan­cially. However, this support will come to an end on 31.12.2022 and the Stud­i­er­enden­werk will have to act on its own.

It is certain that the Studierendenwerk’s decision to increase the social contri­bu­tion was anything but easy. Espe­cially at the current time, when life is becoming more expensive at all levels, this was not an easy step to take. At the moment, however, the contri­bu­tion increase is the last adjust­ment screw that can be turned.

Despite the increase in the social contri­bu­tion, the Stud­i­er­enden­werk must expect a negative annual result for 2023. This is bear­able because a small reserve cushion was built up in the past, which can now be melted down. Of course, this is not a permanent solu­tion. In 2023, the Stud­i­er­enden­werk will there­fore have to start consolidating.

In doing so, it is very important for the Stud­i­er­enden­werk to keep the needs of the students in mind. How should the social infra­struc­ture be designed? What is currently partic­u­larly important to students? The Stud­i­er­enden­werk is always happy to receive feed­back, ideas, thoughts and exper­i­ences so that it can continue to support the students in Siegen with the most suit­able catering and accom­mod­a­tion offers, finan­cial aid and daycare places possible!

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