VYTAL - the digital deposit-free reusable system

Quote VYTAL: "We think plastic waste in To Go Food is very annoying and a big waste of resources. That's why VYTAL is building the free and convenient reusable system for everyone, where we can use the same reusable bowls everywhere food is served. This way we save plastic waste and enjoy delicious food without a guilty conscience."

The Studierendenwerk Siegen shares this view of the young company, which presented its innovative solution in September 2020 in the well-known start-up funding format "Die Höhle der Löwen".

To use VYTAL, the following steps are required (step-by-step instructions can also be found here):


1. Download the free VYTAL app, where you register:

- App Store
- Google Play Store

2. Procedure in the catering facility (e.g. in the cafeteria ct):

In the Studierendenwerk facility, the take-away food is ordered as usual and the employees fill the dish into the high-quality, dense reusable bowl.
At the checkout, the QR code is shown in the app and the bowl is saved in your customer account.

3. Return of the bowl:

The return process is very easy. The bowl can be returned within 14 days, at Studierendenwerk Siegen in the facilities that offer VYTAL. We start with the cafeteria ct. If other catering providers also use VYTAL, the bowl can also be returned there.
At the facility, the bowl is checked, scanned back in, removed from your app account and then hygienically cleaned in the gastronomic dishwasher for the next use.
This way, the bowl is quickly returned to the system and can be released for use again to save even more plastic waste.

4. What if I miss the return deadline?

Before the deadline passes, there will be several reminders via the app to return the bowl. If the bowl is not returned, €10 will be due after 14 days so that we can replace the bowl and continue to save CO2 emissions. Just in case, the return period can also be extended by one week for €1.

5. Video instructions

How the whole thing works is explained again in detail in these videos:
- App: Setting up the app
- Output: Video on vytal
- Return: Video on how to return your dish

6. Sustainability

Vytal has thus found a modern and simple way to save a massive amount of waste. In Germany, each person produces 226.5 kg of packaging waste per year. This is avoidable.

In addition, the bowls are of particularly high quality:
- 100% leak-proof,
- BPA-free,
- suitable for microwave and (industrial) dishwashers.

The Studierendenwerk Siegen has thus found another way to establish a sustainable reusable system with high quality on campus.

You can enjoy your food without a guilty conscience or waste. In the app you can see how much you have already saved and done for the environment.