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Can I pay without cash?

Yes, you can use Blue Code. It’s a free app which can be used to pay with your smartphone at all checkout points of our gastronomical facilities. For more information click here.

Why is there no choice of side dishes in Cafeteria PB and H?

All lunches are being delivered and there is no option to produce more food on site.

Where can I find the prices of the meals?

The prices are listed on our menu plans and on our website.

How many side dishes can I choose with my (vegetarian) meal?

You can pick three side dishes at Canteen AR. Soup, starch dishes, vegetables, dessert, fruits and juice count as side dishes.
At Canteen ENC you can choose if you want two or three side dishes.

How can I recognize vegetarian/vegan food?

At the vegetarian counter you will only receive vegetarian (and some vegan) food. All side dishes at the vegetarian counter are prepared with vegetable fats.

Can I trust the labelling of allergens?

The indications of ingredients in all meals are based on the information given by the producers and suppliers of the ingredients. All contained (declarable) allergens – except minor traces – are being declared by the Studierendenwerk. It is possible that some ingredients are crossed during the preparation process. Thus we cannot guarantee 100% that there are no other ingredients in a meal besides the declared ones.

Who can I talk to if I was not satisfied with my meal?

In case there is an immediate need for action you should talk to the operating manager of the facility. There are some feedback forms available at the exit of Interim-Canteen AR. Please talk to Mr Elmar Königer, head of the department gastronomy for more detailed information if you have more general criticism or suggestions.

Does the Studierendenwerk use organic produce?

A number of produce is only offered in organic quality at Studierendenwerk Siegen. A current list can be found in facilities. We are always trying to increase the share of organic produce in our gastronomical department.

Does the Studierendenwerk use fair trade produce?

All coffee in the cafeterias, Bistro as well as Canteen AR and ENC is labelled fair trade. We are planning to add more fair trade products to our goods.

Why do I need to show my student ID to the cashier in the canteens and cafeterias?

Students are entitled to subsidized meals and thus pay less than other guests. Simply position your student ID on the tablet while waiting in line to pay - that makes everything go quicker.