Price increase for meat/fish dish

4. January 2024

From 8 January 2024, the discount that students have received in recent months on the plate meal with meat or fish in the canteens will no longer apply. Due to the sharp rise in purchasing costs last year, the price was already adjusted from 3.50 euros to 4.00 euros for the 2023/24 winter semester. However, the state of NRW has provided the Stud­i­er­enden­werke with a subsidy for 2023 (to the MKW press release), which we have passed on 1:1 to the students. There was there­fore a discount on the meat/fish dish until the end of the year. The state subsidy will be discon­tinued from 01.01.2024. The plate meal with meat/fish will there­fore cost 4.00 euros for students from Monday, 8 January.

The prices for the vegetarian/vegan menu and for the stew will not change.

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