No hot meals at Leo PB in the summer semester

27. March 2024

Due to insuf­fi­cient demand, we are unfor­tu­nately unable to continue providing hot meals in the Leo PB. During the test phase last winter semester, an average of less than 50 meals were served per day. With these numbers of meals, hot catering is not econom­ic­ally viable. The costs incurred (e.g. for staff, trans­port or logistics) cannot even begin to be covered.

Never­the­less, the Stud­i­er­enden­werk would like to offer you at least one cold meal. Similar to Leo H, there will be a vending machine solu­tion with homemade bread rolls and other offers such as salads or sand­wiches in the summer semester.

There will be a feed­back round on site for your ques­tions, comments or suggestions:

Thursday, 18 April 2024, 13:00 at Leo PB

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