Your child in good hands!

The Studierendenwerk Siegen is the provider of the day care centre.  

We provide places for the care of children of student parents, staff of the Studierendenwerk and the university and - if capacity is available - also for third parties. In order to reconcile family life and studies or work, we offer the best possible day care for children. A trusting cooperation with the parents is of particular importance to us.

The day care centre is not a denominational institution.

The day care centre building is located in a 30 km/h zone in the immediate vicinity of the university on the "Adolf-Reichwein" campus and about 10 minutes' walk from the "Hölderlin" campus. The day care centre also has a large outdoor area with its own natural forest plot and a construction trailer.

The children are cared for in four groups, each by three full-time educational specialists. The Kita offers a total of 70 places.

The group distribution:

Red group: 20 children from the age of two until they start school
Blue group: 20 children from the age of two until they start school
Green group: 20 children from the age of two until they start school
Yellow group: 10 children aged four months to two years.

The team consists of the day care centre management (educator), social pedagogues, educators, a speech therapist as a pedagogical specialist and housekeeping staff to provide the children with day care centre food.

The pedagogical concept is based on the situation-oriented approach and reflects the basic pedagogical orientation of our pedagogical concept. The biography and living conditions of each individual child are the starting point of our work.

This means in practice:

  • The child and its needs are the focus.
  • The child's voluntariness is an important criterion.
  • Situations that occupy the children should be relived, understood and worked through by them. This should give them the experience of understanding present life and coping with practical situations.
  • The child should understand itself as part of a community and learn to act competently, self-confidently and in solidarity.
  • Working with haptic materials and involving nature are fundamental.

The focus of our pedagogical work is primarily oriented towards the interests and needs of the children. Further focal points are in the areas of "body", "movement" and "health". The large natural outdoor area, the adjacent forest area and the spacious movement room in the day care centre with therapy equipment are available for this purpose.

The legal basis is the Child Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (KiBiz), the Education Agreement of North Rhine-Westphalia (Bildungsvereinbarung NRW) and the three pillars of the federal programme "Sprach-Kitas".

The federal programme "Schwerpunkt-Kitas Sprache & Integration", in which we successfully participated, expired on 31.12.2015. Since 1 January 2016, we have been participating in the new federal programme "Sprach-Kitas: Weil Sprache der Schlüssel zur Welt ist". The programme runs until 31.12.2022.

Special offers include excursions to the neighbouring, natural forest plot, weekly offers in the movement room, as well as research and discovery work within the framework of the "experimentation group".

Since July 2010, the day care centre has been a certified "House of Little Scientists".


Breakfast (selection changes daily): Currently, the children bring their own breakfast (due to corona).

Lunch at the day care centre is healthy and balanced and includes, among other things, a freshly prepared child-friendly lunch in the "ENC" cafeteria.

We are currently supplied by Fischer Catering.

Dessert (selection changes daily): is currently supplied by Fischer Catering.

Drinks: still/sparkling water, unsweetened herbal tea or milk according to breakfast planning.


Compulsory, i.e. required full board (breakfast, lunch, dessert): €98.00 per child per month.

Amounts to be paid monthly to the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt): The amount of the monthly parental contributions is based on the Child Education Act (KiBiz) of the State of NRW. The respective parental contributions are calculated and collected by the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) of the City of Siegen. The respective amount of the parental contributions can also be requested there.

Admission criteria:

In compliance with the legal regulations (KiBiz), children are admitted according to the following priority list:

1. children of parents/guardians studying at the University of Siegen and siblings,
2. children of employees (Studierendenwerk and University of Siegen - place of residence in the Siegen city area),
3. children of third parties (place of residence: Siegen city area).

A visit to the day care centre is possible after making an appointment with Ms Bähner by telephone.


Daniela Bähner
Day care centre management
Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse 25
57076 Siegen

Tel.: 0271 740-2778

You would like to apply for a place in our day care centre?

Please complete theapplication form and submit it in person or by e-mail or telefax to our day care centre.

Please note that all legal guardians have to sign the application form!

You can find the application form as .pdf here.   

Supervision times (45h)

Monday - Thursday: 7:15h to 16:30h

Friday: 7:15h to 15:30h


Monday - Friday: 7:15h to 9:00h 


Monday - Thursday: 15:00h to 16:30h
Friday: 14:30h to 15:30h


Supervision times (35h)

Monday - Friday: 7:30h to 14:30h


Monday - Friday: 7:30h to 9:00h 


Monday - Friday: 14:00h to 14:30h


Please note our closing times 2021:

closing times 2022

Kita management

Daniela Bähner

0271 740-2778

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