The University Siegen maintains worldwide partnerships. Student exchange programmes are an integral part of these relationships with other universities, for example programmes supported by the European Union (EU) or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Around 160 Universities are connected via the Erasmus+-Programme, the current educational programme of the EU. The University of Siegen maintains partnerships with up to 32 European States.

Looking for accommodation? – We can help!

Mr. Christoph Bott is the first contact person for all incoming students who are looking for a place to live during their exchange (i.e. Erasmus+) at the Studierendenwerk Siegen.

The best possible care for international students is ensured by means of the long standing cooperation with the office of “International Student Affairs” (ISA) of the University of Siegen. Planning and carrying out informational events for international students is part of the range of tasks, too.

Here are some more places to check out for advice:

International Student Affairs (ISA)

Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA)

International Students in Siegen e. V. (INS²)

Evangelische Studierendengemeinde (ESG)

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG)

Stadt Siegen - Abteilung 63/Ausländerbehörde (Ausländeramt)