How can I apply for a room in the residences?

You can easily apply using our online form. There is a small fee for the application, which you can pay via Paypal or transfer.

Who can apply?

All students of the University of Siegen under the age of 35 can apply. You can also apply if you are not enrolled, yet. You can hand in the proof of enrolment later.

Do I have to decide for one specific residence?

No, you can apply for more than one residence (tick more than one box in the form). You can state your preferences in the flied “notes”.

Are there official deadlines?

No, you can always apply. But it is important to know that, especially at the beginning of the winter semester, many students are looking for accommodation. Therefore it is better to apply early on.

How is the contract concluded?

Once we receive your application we’ll send you a registration number. As soon as a room is available you will receive an offer (by email!). You will receive the contracts and documents if you like the offer.

How and when can I move to my room?

As soon as all formalities are settled you can make an appointment with the caretaker of the residence to move in. Please note that moving in before the beginning of the contract is not possible.

What do I need to bring?

Most residences are furnished with the basic furniture. All you need to bring is bedding, sheets and linen (or you can buy a set from the caretaker) as well as your own cutlery, plates and pots. You will receive more information from the residence administration when signing the contract.

Can I change my room?

Yes, you can ask the employees of the residence administration for more advice. There is no cancelation period when you move within our residences. Please note that there is a fee for moving.

How long can I stay?

The maximum rental period is 3 years. After that you can ask for an extension of the rental period at the residence administration. Please note that you have to pay small fee for any extension.

When can / should I cancel the contract?

The cancelation period is three full months to the end of each month. So if you want to leave the residence, for example, at the end of March you have to hand in your cancelation by December, 31st.

Who pays the broadcasting fee?

You have to pay them yourself. The Studierendenwerk is not allowed to cover the fees for you. Only students who receive state funding (BAföG) can be exempted. How much you have to pay depends on the kind of housing you are living in. You can find more information at You can find some more information here (German / English).

Do I have to register in Siegen?

Yes, you have to register in Siegen. There is a new law since 01.01.2015 which forces all students to register at the citizen office (city hall). You can receive the necessary document from the residence administration.