Our caretakers

Our caretakers hand out the keys for your room upon the start of the rental period. They are also your contact person if you experience any technical difficulties in the residence.

You can get in touch with your caretaker weekdays from 8:12 h – 16:30 h (regular working hours). You can also contact a caretaker under 0151 / 27005890 after hours in case of emergency!

For non-pressing issues you can send an email.

Marcel Levin
Residence Engsbachstraße

Tel.: 0271 78861
Mobil: 0172 9128293
Fax: 0271 2337947
E-Mail: levin@studierendenwerk.uni-siegen.de

Lars Weber

Residence Im Tiergarten / Hubertusweg

Tel.: 0271 23879893
Mobil: 0152 08632654
Fax: 0271 7702039
E-Mail: weber@studierendenwerk.uni-siegen.de

Sascha Reineck
Residence Adolf-Reichwein-Straße / Max Kade Haus (Andreas-Schlüter-Straße)

Mobil: 0170 2456715
Fax: 0271 740-14599
E-Mail: sascha.reineck@studierendenwerk.uni-siegen.de


Karina Flender

Mobil: 0172 9988553