Cafet­eria H

Cafet­eria H is currently closed.

In our small cafet­eria on the Hölderlin Campus, students can have a discounted lunch, just like in our canteens.

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Hölder­lin­straße 3, 57076 Siegen
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Our offers:

  • daily chan­ging stew
  • large selec­tion of fresh sand­wiches, baguettes, bagels, sandwiches
  • pastries and sweets
  • large assort­ment of cold drinks
  • various types of ice cream
  • freshly ground and brewed coffee speci­al­ities from fair trade and in organic quality
  • tea speci­al­ities

You can also buy snacks and drinks outside opening hours from our vending machines in the foyer.

Opening hours

  • Currently closed
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