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Cafeteria ct

From 2 November 2020 our cafeteria ct on the Adolf-Reichwein-Straße campus will be open again. All food and drinks will be offered "to go".

Until the canteens reopen, the cafeteria also offers two hot meals - at subsidised prices for students.

Our offers:

- Stew dish in a "Henkelchen" (students: €2.00, staff: €5.00, guests: €5.50)
- Regular meals in a lunch box (students: €2.90, staff: €6.75, guests: €7.50)
- Savoury snacks such as pizza, meatballs, schnitzel, chips
- Sandwiches, baguettes, bagels, sandwiches
- cake pieces, particles, muffins
- Salads, fresh fruit and fruit cups
- soft drinks
- Freshly ground and brewed coffee specialities from fair trade and organic quality
- Tea specialities

Please follow the hygiene and distance rules and the marked paths!