Your child in good hands!

The Studierendenwerk Siegen is provider of the day care centre.

We offer day care for children of parents who study at the university, for employees of the Studierendenwerk and University as well as - if capacity allows for it – to third parties. We offer the most proficient day care to reconcile family life and studies or career. We put a lot of emphasise on a respect and trustful cooperation with the parents.

Our Kita isn’t a confessional institution. Nevertheless we try to respect and integrate the confessions of all families as far as possible. Children need structure, also throughout the year. For this reason traditional feasts play an important part. We make a feature of Christian and non-Christian tradition. Other confessions and cultures can also be featured if possible and requested.

The Kita-building

The day care centre is located in a 30-km/h-zone close to the forest in direct neighbourhood to Adolf-Reichwein campus of University Siegen. The building is surrounded by a large garden area with our own untouched area of woods.

The children

… are being taken care of in four groups with three pedagogic professionals per group. All in all we offer 70 day care places.

The groups

Red group: 20 children aged two years to children right before going to school

Blue group: 20 children aged two years to children right before going to school

Green group: 20 children aged two years to children right before going to school

Yellow group: 10 children aged four months to two years old


The Team

… is:

-          The Kita management

-          Social pedagogues

-          Educators (kinder gardeners)

-          One speech correctionist

-          Household workers to provide the children with food

The pedagogic concept

… is based on the situation-oriented approach und mirrors the pedagogic foundation of our pedagogic concept. The biography and life circumstances of every single child are the starting point for our work.

Practically this means:

-          The child and its needs are central

-          The voluntariness of the child is of utmost importance

-          Situations which occupy the children should be relived, understood and reappraised. This way the children will experience to understand contemporary life and manage situations.

-          The child is supposed to see itself as part of a community where s/he learns to be act competent, confident and solidary.

-          Working with haptic materials and including the natural surroundings is fundamental

The focus of our pedagogic work

… is primarily guided the interests and needs of the children

… is located in the federal programs “Schwerpunkt-Kitas”.

… is put on “body”, “movement” and “health”. The large natural garden area, the adjacent woodland and the generous movement room (including therapeutic equipment) inside the Kita are representative for this philosophy.

Special offers

… excursions to the adjacent woodland

… weekly offers in the movement room

… research and discovery work at the “experiments –work group”

We are a certified “house of little researchers” since July 2010.

Food in day care

… is healthy and balanced and includes among other meals a lunch appropriate for children. This means,

-          A diverse, changing variety of food,

-          A vegetarian meal on offer,

-          A daily changing side of salad or vegetables

-          Sides if possible in organic quality,

-          Fish once a week

-          We try to refrain from declarable additives and

-          Use only little sugar and salt.

Breakfast (daily changing assortment): bread, bread rolls, hard bread, oats, honey, fruit milk, yogurt, freshly cut fruits and vegetables, milk or chocolate milk, unsweetened tea, water.

Lunch: child appropriate meals (see menu of the Kita).

Afternoon snack (daily changing assortment): fruits, yogurt, curd, rusk with milk, water, unsweetened tea.

The costs

Obligatory, required full board (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack): 86,00 Euro per child and per month.

Dues to be paid monthly to the youth welfare services

How much you have to give to the youth welfare services is determined by § 23 of the Kinderbildungsgesetztes (KiBiz) (child education law) of the state of North Rheine - Westphalia.  The respective dues are calculated by the youth welfare office of the city of Siegen and debited. You can also ask them how high the dues are.

Admission criteria

Considering all provisions of the law (KiBiz) children will be admitted with the following priority:

1.     Children of students of the university of Siegen and their siblings,

2.      Children of employees of Studierendenwerk Siegen and University,

3.      Children of third party parents.

Please make an appointment with Mrs Bähner if you are interested in visiting the Kita.


Daniela Bähner
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 25
57076 Siegen

Tel.: 0271 740-2778
Fax: 0271 740-2779


We are looking forward to meeting your child! 


You would like to apply for a place in our day care centre?

Please complete theapplication form and submit it in person or by e-mail or telefax to our day care centre.

Please note that all legal guardians have to sign the application form!

You can find the application form as .pdf here.                                                

Supervision times until 19.02.2021


Monday - Friday: between 7:30h and 15:00h, maximum 35 hours per week


Monday - Friday: between 7:30h and 13:00h, maximum 25 hours per week


Please note our closing times 2021:

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