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Flexible · demand-based · by the hour

The flexible care (Flexi) is a cooperation of University and Studierendenwerk. The Flexi as a care program is for those who need their children to be cared for demand-based and only for a few hours at the time by professional educators. We offer 12 places (9 can be booked online, 3 places are for emergencies and be booked only on the phone).

The Flexi-building

… is located in a 30-km/h-zone close to the woods in direct neighbourhood to Adolf-Reichwein campus of University Siegen. The building is surrounded by a large compound with our own untouched area of woods which is part of our day care facilities.

The children

… are 6 months to 10 years of age. They are being care for by pedagogic professionals.

The Team


- the Flexi management

- educators

- qualified child carers

Admission criteria

Children will be admitted in the following order:

1.       Children of students

2.       Children of employees of the university

3.       Children of employees of the Studierendenwerk

4.       Children of professors

5.       Children of third-party parents.

The pedagogic goals

Support of:

-          Child development (independency and personality),

-          Development of social behaviour in a group,

-          Appreciation of other, openness towards other cultures and religions.

In the Flexi children have the option to play under instruction or freely.

Practically this means:

-          Project work

-          Forrest days, celebrating of feasts.

All activities are customized to the varying age-structures of the children and can be changed according to the circumstances.

Familiarization / working with the parents

The Flexi cooperates with the parents openly and trustfully. We accomplish this relationship by:

-          An individually customized familiarization phase integrating the parents,

-          Regular letters to the parents and questionnaires,

-          Celebrations with the children and their parents

-          Parent-corner with information material

The costs

Booking the flexi-care counts per block (120 minutes) and per child:

-          For students: 3,00€

-          For employees of the University: 7,00€

-          For employees of the Studierendenwerk: 7,00€

-          For professors: 10,00€

-          For third-party parents: 10,00€

Please note: all online bookings from Monday to Friday must be made 24 hours in advance.

Exception: bookings for Saturdays must be made 48 hours in advance.



… are healthy and balanced and include among other meals a lunch appropriate for children. This means,

-          A diverse, changing variety of food,

-          A vegetarian meal on offer,

-          A daily changing side of salad or vegetables

-          Sides if possible in organic quality,

-          Fish once a week

-          We try to refrain from declarable additives and

-          Use only little sugar and salt.

Food for small snacks can be brought along (i.e. fruit, bread). Please refrain for sweets.

The costs

… for a booked lunch:

1,60€ for children up to two years,

3,20€ for children aged 2 to 10 years old.

Please note: Lunch cannot be provided on Saturdays! Make sure to make a lunch package for your child.


Tatjana Nomerowskaja
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 25
57076 Siegen

Tel.: 0271 740-4079
Fax: 0271 740-2779


We are looking forward to meeting your child! 


Opening hours


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 08:00h to 18:00h

Please note our closing times.