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About us


Flexible · demand-based · by the hour

The flexible care (Flexi) is a cooperation of University and Studierendenwerk. The Flexi as a care program is for those who need their children to be cared for demand-based and only for a few hours at the time by professional educators. We offer 12 places. 9 can be booked online, 3 places are for emergencies and can be booked only on the phone.

The Flexi-building

… is located in a 30-km/h-zone close to the woods in direct neighbourhood to Adolf-Reichwein campus of University Siegen. The building is surrounded by a large compound with our own untouched area of woods which is part of our day care facilities.

The children

… are 6 months to 10 years of age. They are being care for by pedagogic professionals.

The Team


- the Flexi management

- educators

- qualified child carers

Admission criteria

Children will be admitted in the following order:

1.       Children of students

2.       Children of employees of the university

3.       Children of employees of the Studierendenwerk

4.       Children of professors

5.       Children of third-party parents.

The pedagogic goals

Support of:

-          Child development (independency and personality),

-          Development of social behaviour in a group,

-          Appreciation of other, openness towards other cultures and religions.

In the Flexi children have the option to play under instruction or freely.

Practically this means:

-          Project work

-          Forrest days, celebrating of feasts.

All activities are customized to the varying age-structures of the children and can be changed according to the circumstances.

Familiarization / working with the parents

The Flexi cooperates with the parents openly and trustfully. We accomplish this relationship by:

-          An individually customized familiarization phase integrating the parents,

-          Regular letters to the parents and questionnaires,

-          Celebrations with the children and their parents

-          Parent-corner with information material

The costs

Booking the flexi-care counts per block (120 minutes) and per child:

-          For students: 3,00€

-          For employees of the University: 7,00€

-          For employees of the Studierendenwerk: 7,00€

-          For professors: 10,00€

-          For third-party parents: 10,00€

Please note: all online bookings must be made 24 hours in advance.



… are healthy and balanced and include among other meals a lunch appropriate for children. This means,

-          a diverse, changing variety of food,

-          a vegetarian meal on offer,

-          a daily changing side of salad or vegetables

-          sides if possible in organic quality,

-          fish once a week.

-          We try to refrain from declarable additives and

-          Use only little sugar and salt.

Food for small snacks can be brought along (i.e. fruit, bread). Please refrain for sweets.

The costs

… for a booked lunch:

1,60€ for children up to two years,

3,20€ for children aged 2 to 10 years old.


Tatjana Nomerowskaja
Flexi Management
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 25
57076 Siegen

Tel.: 0271 740-4079
Fax: 0271 740-2779


We are looking forward to meeting your child! 


Please make an appointment for a first meeting personally.

Before the your child can be submitted into our care you have to complete and sign a care contract. With this you also agree to ourterms of service which need to be signed as well. Please hand in the care contract and the terms of service personally at the Flexi.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any remaining questions. Mrs Nomerowskaja (Phone: 0271 740-4079) will gladly inform you concerning all details about Flexi.

You can use our online booking service if your child has been cared for in our Flexi before.

Please enter all necessary information after choosing the intended times.

You will receive a confirmation email after all details have been checked to the entered email address.

Here to the online-booking...


Opening hours


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 08:00h to 18:00h

Please note our closing times.