Studierendenwerk Siegen – your social services!

Our services are focused and designed to suit your situation and needs - …”so you succeed!”.
We offer budget meals, snacks and drinks in our canteens and cafeterias. You can find the current menu plans here.
Currently we are providing 940 places in our student residences. All utilities, i.e. gas, water, electricity, internet access and TV access are included in the rent. Our student residences are located closely to the university campuses. Our department “international matter” pays special attention to all international students who live in our residences.
Student Benefits
Please talk to the employees of the department if you are interested in state benefits (most foreign students do not qualify!).
Child care
We are taking care of up to 70 children in our day care centre. In Flexi – a cooperation of university and Studierendenwerk – we have 12 more places for short term care. Children of students, employees of University and Studierendenwerk as well as professors can be cared for by professionals according to demand. Both facilities are located in direct proximity to Adolf-Reichwein campus.