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The department "Construction and Engineering" is in charge of the technical and energetic maintenance of our student residences, day care facilities and food service departments.

The team takes care of ongoing renovation and modernizing processes as well as controlling and keeping our technical systems operational. All residences as well as the day care facilities have been modernized, updated and supplemented to the current technical standards within the recent years.

Cost assessment, drawing up budgets (living and useful areas, confined spaces), looking up prices, call for bids, analyses, awarding of contracts, contracts on fee basis and construction contracts according to German public law as well as construction supervision and accounting of construction efforts and subsidies are part of the realization of construction projects. 

We use AutoCAD to plan any projects and update our inventory plans.

These are some of the projects which have been realized during the past years:

 Andreas-Schlüter-Str. 30 (Max Kade Haus)

* comprehensive renovation of the roof and the façade of the residence “Max-Kade-Haus”

* comprehensive renovation of 32 flats


Engsbachstraße 56/58

* Renovation of 28 communal bathrooms

Glückaufstraße 50-54

* Step by step renovation of 57 shared flats including renewal of the kitchens

The department is also responsible to examine damages, especially those caused by mould. Mould damages are mostly caused by the tenants and users of the buildings. We try to guide and instruct our tenants on how to use our facilities without causing harm.