There are four groups in our day care centre. Children aged 4 months to 6 years old (before going to school) are being over seen by trained pedagogical professionals. The pedagogic work is based on the “situation-oriented approach”. This means that the goal of our education is to reach a broad spectrum of development in a child by building their social and mental skills.

The day care centre is located in a 30-km/h-zone close to the forest in direct neighbourhood to Adolf-Reichwein campus of University Siegen. The day care building is 850m² in size with an additional area of 4500 m² garden area surrounding the building.


The Flexi is a cooperation of University and Studierendenwerk. It offers 12 places for a demand-based, flexible care of children aged six months to 10 years. It is an additional offer to reconcile studies, career and family. The work of the pedagogical professionals is based on the varying ages and demands of the children.

The Flexi is located right next to the day care centre on Adolf-Reichwein campus of the university.